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Solar Heat - Its Practical Applications $19.95

So you think solar energy is a NEW thing??? LONG LONG time ago... in a place far far away there were people who were actually educated
and did not have a TV to watch, so they learned things and taught themselves.  This book was written in 1903 and is the EARLIEST Solar Book
we have found to date.  It shows the Sun Press in Paris ( france!) running on a steam driven press being powered by concentrated sunlight and more.
Due to the educational value of this book, it will be at a significant discounted price








The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers has sponsored research in the field of solar energy since 1949. In recognition of the growing importance of solar energy, in 1967, ASHRAE, published a volume entitled Low Temperature Engineering Application of Solar Energy, which included chapters by many of the solar pioneers who had developed and maintained the thread of continuing technical contributions upon which the vastly expanded current technical effort is based. This revised volume, entitled Applications of Solar Energy for Heating and Cooling of Buildings is greatly expanded. It includes most of the same authors but contains far more important contributions. Section 1 concerns environmental evaluation and solar assessment. Following a brief historical perspective provided by R. C. Jordan and B. Y. H. Liu of the University of Minnesota, the legal, political, social and ecological considerations are discussed in the second chap­ter by Peter Glaser and Joan Berkowitz of Arthur D. Little Co. The initial phase of any solar energy application study is an assessment of the available solar radiation. This begins in Chapter III, "Solar Radiation Measurement," by John Yellott of Arizona State University, and continues in Chapter IV, "Clear Day Design Values," by Erich Farber and Clayton Morrison of the University of Florida, it concludes with Chapter V, "Availability of Solar Radiation for Flat‑Plate Collectors," by B. Y. H. Liu and R. C. Jordan. Section 2, "System Component Performance and Rating," starts with Chapter VI, "Selective Surfaces for Solar Collectors," by Harry Tabor of the National Physical Laboratory of Israel and continues with Chapter VII, "Solar Storage," by Maria Telkes of the University of Delaware. They are followed by Chapter VIII, "Prediction of Performance of Solar Collectors," by Austin Whillier of the Chamber of Mines, South Africa, and Chapter IX, "Solar Performance Simulation," by John Duffie, William Beckman and S. A. Klein of the University of Wisconsin. This section concludes with Chapter X, "Testing and Rating of Solar Collectors," as prepared by James Hill and Elmer Streed of the National Bureau of Standards. Direct application information on solar energy is covered in the last three chapters and is initiated by Chapter XI, "Solar Water Heaters," by Roger Morse and Don Close of the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization of Australia. Dr. George O. G. Lof of Colorado College prepared Chapter XII, "Solar Space Heating," and the section is completed with Chapter XIII, "Solar Space Cooling" by Alwin Newton, Consultant to York Corp.



The Solar Cookery Book $19.95

Solar Cookery is entirely about solar cooking, and describes in detail how you can make your own solar oven and reflector hot plate, and how to cook with them. This book will appeal to many kinds of people. It is for people who are interested in conservation and a wise use of our resources, plus a desire to protect the environment. It is for students who are searching for a new project for a science fair. It is also a basic information resource for students who want to learn more about the simple principles that make it possible to put the sun to work in so many useful ways. It is for campers who want a way to cook safely in wooded areas without the need for a fire, or the nuisance of waiting for a fire to get going. No smoke; no ashes. Just clean, hot heat! It is a new horizon for backyard barbecue fans and cookout specialists. It is for health advocates who are seeking ways to put their ideals to practical use. The higher nutritional value of solar-cooked food will be a delight. Perhaps most of all, it is for those who appreciate the fun and excitement of a new way of preparing food.
Solar Cookery was the first book ever available on how to harness the sun's energy in preparing food. If you’re already a solar chef, the cooking tips and recipes in this book will be just as useful for other solar ovens and reflector cookers. Additionally, although this book will obviously appeal to the solar enthusiast, it was not written with only them in mind. Either way, once you discover how easy and enjoyable solar cooking can be, the sun's energy will doubtlessly become a mainstay in your food preparation.  





Fabulous Fireball AND Experiments With Solar Energy $24.95

Knowledge Publications has combined Dan Halacy’s fantastic books: FABULOUS FIREBALL and EXPERIMENTS WITH SOLAR ENERGY in order to provide you with one great solar energy book! 
It’s no secret that the sun provides the energy that keeps us alive. Solar energy keeps us warm, grows our food and literally fuels all of the systems that make our lives possible; without the sun we simply could not be. Beyond the energy that is essential for these basic purposes, though, there is a massive amount of additional solar energy available to be harnessed.
These books provide a great background on the scien­tific aspects of solar energy and invite you to have fun putting solar energy to work for you. They tell the story of solar energy, explain why it is so fascinating and challenging and will tell you how to build solar powered ovens, water heaters and furnaces. With this book you can even build solar batteries that will power a radio or a model airplane that flies on sunshine! 




Steam and Stirling Engines You Can Build Volume 1 $41.95

Steam and Stirling—Engines You Can Build, provides the specific “how-to” details that amateur machinists and tinkers need to complete great live steam power projects. With hundreds of sketches and photos, blow-by-blow instructions and explicit design information you will be able to easily build and use, completely functional Half-Horse Marine Engines, Steam Turbines, Opposed Piston Steam Engines, V-4 Oscillating Cylinder Engines, and many more fascinating contraptions. This book opens up to the thrill of building something that actually works, it’s yours by just following the directions! If you are a complete novice in this field, pick one of the simpler projects for your first attempt and gradually work your way through the others as your skill, abilities and confidence increase. One thing is absolutely certain, you are sure to find countless pleasurable hours in your workshop with the projects in this book.







Steam And Stirling Engines You Can Build Volume 2 $41.95

Steam and Stirling Engines You Can Build, Book 2, is much bigger than its predecessor. It is packed with far more projects, designs and techniques, yet it offers that same superior level of description providing hundreds more photos and sketches along with the extremely detailed instructions and guidance that the first book is famous for. The projects are written by 22 different authors with some designs based on prototypes while others are originals. The level of difficulty ranges from the very simple projects like the Simple Steam Engine and the Stirling Hot Air Engine can be completed with little more than a drill press and hand tools, to very sophisticated designs like the Duplex Pump. Also included in this sequel are some interesting articles on heating like Andy Sprague’s exact instructions, with photos and a sketch that will show you how to easily build a Simple Alcohol Burner and another excellent article which discusses how to use propane gas to fire your engine including updates from author Chris Leggo, based upon new findings. This book truly spares no detail you’ll even find a wide range of fine techniques for everything from creating more satisfac­tory lubrication to making a wood flywheel and roll forming copper boiler heads.





Solar Air Heating Systems  $34.95

The Complete Handbook of Solar Air Heating Systems is incredibly detailed on HOW TO MAKE ANY solar air heater.  Complete is the only way to describe this book. It covers all of the rules of thumb, the materials, where to get them and much, much more. 

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, this book has everything that you need to know about the construction and operation of all types of solar air heaters for space and domestic water heating. With their proven reliability and economy for both retrofit and new construction applications, solar air heaters have become one of the most popular home heating alternatives.
With over 125 detailed illustrations and 50 photographs contained within 350 massive pages, The Complete Handbook of Solar Air Heating Systems can lead YOU through a variety of solar projects. If you’re looking for one book that will get you into “hot air,” THIS IS THE ONE!







Movable Insulation $29.95

This is entirely devoted to insulating shades, shutters, panels and curtains. It is the most comprehensive and useful book on the subject of movable insulation that you will ever find, period. The book is pure genius; it details simple methods to STOP the HEAT LOSS from your house, including effective ways to use movable insulation systems to increase your home’s energy efficiency in both winter and summer, information and directions for owner-made systems, recommendations for where to get the best ready-to-but and custom-made units and instructions for determining the payback time and fuel savings that you can realize with movable insulation on your house.

With easy construction plans for easy insulated , a HUGE variety of panels that you can put inside your windows, outside, and fold up/down and much more from an extraordinarily talented author, this 379 page book is an absolute must have for any homeowner that wants to STOP HEAT LOSS NOW!







Combo Deal - Solar Air Heating and Movable Insulation $54.95

That’s about $27.50 each !! SAVE $14.15





Sunshine To Dollars $19.95


FREE Solar Panels, Energy, Heating and Cooking at your house. Sunshine to Dollars is one of the most unique books ever written on Solar Energy. The book not only shows how to make hot air, hot water, solar concentration to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, water pasteurization and much more, but the author shows where to get the glass for FREE, and even where to get PV panels for free. This book will have you building solar heaters in one afternoon. This is the most "hands on" enabling book ever written in the field. Get it today. As of 11/2006 the book as been updated, edited and is now professionally perfect bound. It also includes, at no extra charge, Surviving the Blackout of 2003.








Surviving the Blackout of 2003

Surviving the Blackout of 2003 contains true stories of experiencing the adventure of the disaster. Energy Expert, Civil Defense Expert and Family Preparedness Instructor and author of Sunshine to Dollars walk us through the experience of the disaster, from working at the Police Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to solving the water, lighting, cooking, cooling and power problems at home. Steven Harris shows us the PANIC and problems that happened that you DID NOT see on the news. This book is a MUST have before the NEXT BLACKOUT HITS YOU.

This book is now included for FREE in the revised copy of Sunshine to Dollars.
The books complement each other so well, we had to combine them.







Combo Deal - Get Solar Air Heating Systems, Movable Insulation, and Sunshine to Dollar w/ Blackout $66.95












That’s about $22.33 each !!
SAVE $37.85 + get 1 FREE 7” x 10” 3000F Solar Concentrating Sheet as a BONUS




COMBO: HALACY GET 'EM ALL! Fuel Cells - Power for Tomorrow, The Solar Cookery Book, Fabulous Fireball / Experiments With Solar Energy, now with 2 FREE E-books for immediate download - Century 21 and They Gave Their Names to Science - $64.95!










7" x 10" Solar Concentrating Sheet, 3000 Degrees Fahrenheit $4.95

Start fires instantly, melt pennies, use for solar experimentation/learning! As shown in Sunshine to Dollars, this Fresnel Lens concentrates sunlight to over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be used for metal water chemistry to make hydrogen, melting metals and more. Needless to say, it starts fires on paper and wood instantly. This is NOT the silly magnifying lens you played with as a kid. This is serious heat, INSTANTLY. Video here!







$24.75 (5 Lenses) SAVE $7.60 in USA shipping


$39.95 (10 Lenses) SAVE $26.65 Total !




9" Solar Concentrating Mirror $14.95















We just got these in, really incredibly great to use. As you can see in the video, you can light paper on fire in a snap and wood too. High durability.

This video was taken on a February afternoon, in hazy sunlight conditions. Video available here!




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