Movable Insulation $29.95

This is entirely devoted to insulating shades, shutters, panels and curtains. It is the most comprehensive and useful book on the subject of movable insulation that you will ever find, period. The book is pure genius; it details simple methods to STOP the HEAT LOSS from your house, including effective ways to use movable insulation systems to increase your home’s energy efficiency in both winter and summer, information and directions for owner-made systems, recommendations for where to get the best ready-to-but and custom-made units and instructions for determining the payback time and fuel savings that you can realize with movable insulation on your house.

With easy construction plans for easy insulated , a HUGE variety of panels that you can put inside your windows, outside, and fold up/down and much more from an extraordinarily talented author, this 379 page book is an absolute must have for any homeowner that wants to STOP HEAT LOSS NOW!







How to Save Energy and Cut Costs in Existing Industrial and Commercial Buildings- *NEW LARGER SIZE* $99.95

This book was written specifically for building managers and corporations. At 725 pages, this book covers a wide range of energy conservation opportunities, such as relamping changes that increase lighting efficiency without modifications to luminaries or ballasts, heat reclamation via Thermal Wheels, Run-Around-Coil Systems and Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers, cooling and ventilation through Economizer Cycle Cooling, Enthalpy Cycle Cooling, Latent Evaporative Cooling and Desiccant Dehumidification, and HVAC Systems like the Dual Duct High Velocity System. This book explains in detail every single possible method of saving money in the heating, cooling, refrigeration and ventilation of BIG office buildings or factories. Many of the practical solutions offered by this fantastic Energy Conservation Manual can be implemented RIGHT AWAY for immediate energy and financial savings.







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