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ORDERING BY MAIL ( or POST as its called other places )

Due to the illness of Sandi...we are not taking orders by mail at this time.  Please order ONLINE ONLY.

Go to walmart and get a GIFT type DEBIT card.  Sometimes called a "Preloaded debit card".  it works online just fine.  Its a visa or mastercard that you put money on and then use it online to make purchases... its not a credit card, you do not get a bill, you pay first.

For the shipping, select what you want to buy on the website ( add to cart and check out) then print out the page and send it in with your order. That sheet will also tell you the shipping. DO NOT FORGET to select international shipping if you are NOT in the USA.

INTERNATIONAL MAIL ORDERS - Send Money Orders or Cashier Checks ONLY.

Money orders MUST be drawn on a USA Bank ( Like Western Union) OR you must include an extra $7.50 US for our bank fees. We do NOT take wire transfers, we DO NOT take western union.NO CANADIAN POSTAL MONEY ORDERS WITHOUT the EXTRA $7.50. NO EXCEPTIONS!

International Shipping is $10.00 USA EXTRA on all orders.

Make sure to tell us what you are ordering (in the envelope) when mailing in your order
DO NOT email us that you sent in a mail order, PUT what you ordered IN the ENVELOPE.


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