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Fuel Cells - Power for Tomorrow $24.95

Dan Halacy is one of the great men of solar energy that were true heroes to young scientists and engineers in the solar energy era from the 1950s to the 1970s.   Dan was a prolific writer and visionary.  With a gifted insight into man and technology, he knew long ago where were heading.  His book on fuel cells written in 1966 truly outclasses and undoubtedly outshines the palaver-filled trash that stands as the fuel cell books of today.  With photos, drawings, illustrations and descriptions, Dan's book provides the in-depth details of the history, theory, operation and future of fuel cells.  This book is written in simple language for all; NO PHD needed.  You CAN make a Fuel Cell BIOBATTERY from reading this book or make electricity from things as simple as water, sugar and yeast.   This is one of the few books in existence that explicitly gives you step-by-step instructions for making a fuel cell.   You will be able to make a METHANOL FUEL CELL with this book. You do NOT need expensive and sensitive proton exchange membranes to make this fuel cell.  You do not need hydrogen or oxygen; it runs on methanol and air!  







The Solar Cookery Book $19.95

Solar Cookery is entirely about solar cooking, and describes in detail how you can make your own solar oven and reflector hot plate, and how to cook with them. This book will appeal to many kinds of people. It is for people who are interested in conservation and a wise use of our resources, plus a desire to protect the environment. It is for students who are searching for a new project for a science fair. It is also a basic information resource for students who want to learn more about the simple principles that make it possible to put the sun to work in so many useful ways. It is for campers who want a way to cook safely in wooded areas without the need for a fire, or the nuisance of waiting for a fire to get going. No smoke; no ashes. Just clean, hot heat! It is a new horizon for backyard barbecue fans and cookout specialists. It is for health advocates who are seeking ways to put their ideals to practical use. The higher nutritional value of solar-cooked food will be a delight. Perhaps most of all, it is for those who appreciate the fun and excitement of a new way of preparing food.
Solar Cookery was the first book ever available on how to harness the sun's energy in preparing food. If you’re already a solar chef, the cooking tips and recipes in this book will be just as useful for other solar ovens and reflector cookers. Additionally, although this book will obviously appeal to the solar enthusiast, it was not written with only them in mind. Either way, once you discover how easy and enjoyable solar cooking can be, the sun's energy will doubtlessly become a mainstay in your food preparation.   





Solar Hydrogen Civilization $29.95

A great book by a great man! A Hydrogen World expert and pioneer, Roy McAlister will be known in the history of energy more prominently than Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla, Rockefeller, Carnegie and the rest combined. Roy is an expert in Inorganic, Organic, Electro, Thermal and Bio Chemistry, Newtonian and Quantum Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Material Science and Advanced Composites. He is an expert who writes, not a writer who thinks he's an expert.









Hydrogen Car and Multi Fuel DVD $29.95

Run an engine on hydrogen, natural gas, gas, diesel, propane, alcohol, etc. Drive on 75 cents per gallon natural gas. Drive on hydrogen, or hydrogen mixed with other fuels such as alcohol, natural gas, propane, diesel (yes, diesel and H2 in a “gasoline” engine), or turpines. Run on hydrogen and veggie oil, or used French fry oil AND hydrogen in a “gasoline” engine. This DVD title tells it all! It is not just a DVD on engines and hydrogen; it’s a DVD on hydrogen and other fuels in a regular engine. Click on DETAILED INFO for great details and free audio. DVD is 3.5 hours long.




Dan Halacy's CENTURY 21 $4.95

D. S. Halacy, Jr., a South Carolinian by birth, was educated in California and Arizona and worked in the aircraft industry before serving the Air Force as a navigator and radar observer during WWII and the Korean War. After successive terms as engineering writer for AiResearch, chief editor for Goodyear Aircraft and manager of the Motorola Technical Information Center, he devoted his full attention to writing and published more than 40 books including both fiction and nonfiction.
Mr. Halacy was a well known veteran of interpreting the complexities of science for the young, but was not exclusively known for having an excellent scientific mind. He was also respected as a man that understood his contemporary world and where it was going, as proven by his election to the Arizona State Senate in 1966. Therefore the fascinating predictions in Mr. Halacy's book, Century 21 are unlike the unrealistic whimsical impossibilities that some dreamers of that time had in mind for the future.  This book offers you an intriguing and unique view of the world in 1968 precisely because it is a rare, realistic view looking forward from that time in history. Unlike books of today that can only hope to look back, this book will allow you to effectively see through the veil of everything that has transpired since 1968 and know what a scientific, pragmatic and reasonable mind of that time expected mankind to achieve in every aspect of life.







They Gave Their Names to Science contains the stories of ten great scientists whose abilities to define and explain the natural laws that govern the universe have earned them lasting recognition: Each man’s name is now part of a scientific term. Geiger of the radiation counter, Mach of the mileage measure of supersonic speed, and eight others are presented in brief biographies that vividly portray their backgrounds and their achievements. An Appendix lists approximately 200 other men whose names are perpetuated in the terminology of science.






Fabulous Fireball AND Experiments With Solar Energy $24.95

Knowledge Publications has combined Dan Halacy’s fantastic books: FABULOUS FIREBALL and EXPERIMENTS WITH SOLAR ENERGY in order to provide you with one great solar energy book! 
It’s no secret that the sun provides the energy that keeps us alive. Solar energy keeps us warm, grows our food and literally fuels all of the systems that make our lives possible; without the sun we simply could not be. Beyond the energy that is essential for these basic purposes, though, there is a massive amount of additional solar energy available to be harnessed.
These books provide a great background on the scien­tific aspects of solar energy and invite you to have fun putting solar energy to work for you. They tell the story of solar energy, explain why it is so fascinating and challenging and will tell you how to build solar powered ovens, water heaters and furnaces. With this book you can even build solar batteries that will power a radio or a model airplane that flies on sunshine! 




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