Wall Art

Solar Wall Art

Show EVERYONE at Work, Home or School how much you LOVE SOLAR ENERGY

These images can be HUGE, fill an entire wall and truly make people STOP and go wow. The images are an incredibly high quality BLACK on 11”x17” Heavy Card Stock .( That’s Tabloid size, NOT 8.5x11 letter !) This is a sharp image. The images in the photos are on 8 foot by 8 foot white board

The Yellow measuring stick is 6 feet long in the photo.




Tape or Staple on a wall. Mount it on foam core, laminate or plywood to display. Put between two pieces of Plexiglas to move around easily

Shipping Info—Please Read

Again, these are on 11”x17” Heavy Card Stock, NOT light weight paper,. We have to ship it in a special box and this means that the best way to ship it is by Priority Mail. International is still an extra $10.00 and if you are in a country where the rates are even higher, we’ll charge you the extra postage separately, but we ONLY charge the extra amount.  We are not making money on postage.  These may come in a box that is SEPARATE from other items you ordered.



Sizes and Colors


Office or Home Wall Over a Desk

5 x 3 Sheets = 4.5 Feet Wide by 4.25 Feet High 15 Sheets
$9.95 + $9.00 USA Priority Mail Shipping




3/4 of an 8 foot wall High

6 x 4 Sheets = 5.5 Feet Wide by 5.5 Feet High 24 Sheets
$15.95 + $9.00 USA Priority Mail Shipping




Whole Wall—Great For Schools, Businesses, Trade Shows

8 x 5 Sheets = 7 Feet Wide by 7.5 Feet High 40 Sheets
$24.95 + $12.00 USA Priority Mail Shipping




These pieces can be custom printed to incredible sizes. Email Us For a Quote.

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