BioMass to Methanol is $39.95

This book... *IS* for the back yard guy or the new chemistry student or for someone who really wants to understand how methanol is made and where it comes from and how it was done in the past and how its done today.   This is not a 'how to' book but it IS a very detailed book.  It is one of the EXCELLENT books done by the former Solar Energy Research Institute and AGAIN its our WONDERFUL FRIEND Thomas Reed who co-authored, edited and updated the book. Thomas Reed is also the man behind the Volume 4 of the Hydrogen Gas Generator Book for Vehicles and Engines Vol 3/4 that is one of our bestt selling books.  If you love energy, you'll want EVERY book that Thomas Reed has worked on !









Hydrocarbons from Methanol $49.95


We have stuff on Methanol that is going to ROCK your world...we think that it will be SO GOOD that you'll hear about it on CNN.  This book is about making a SYNTHETIC Gasoline from Methanol.. and methanol can be made from waste biomass, corn stalks, your poo, cow poo, any poo and much more.  This is NOT a how to
book..this is an industrial reference chemistry book. Its going to be expensive and unless you are a chemist in the hydrocarbon field.. you'll need a secret decoder ring to use it... or 4 to 8 years of college.







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