Hydrocarbons from Methanol $49.95

A remarkable discovery was made in the midst of the oil crisis of the 1970's by certain workers at Mobil Research and Development Corporation, including Clarence D. Chang, the author of Hydrocarbons from Methanol. It was found that methanol could be converted to gasoline of high octane number over the shape-selective zeolite ZSM-5 in excellent yields and with long catalyst life. Additional research showed that variations of operating conditions and catalyst modification can selectively produce specific hydrocarbon classes.
Methanol is now one of the largest chemical commodities and can be ex­pected to have a spectacular growth potential as a fuel, fuel precursor, and building block for chemicals, as petroleum becomes scarcer or simply more expensive. Methanol can be produced from natural gas, biomass, or from coal as well as from petroleum fractions via synthesis gas. The technology of methanol synthesis is mature and ready for commercial applications. A great deal of research and development has been carried out on the use of methanol as an automotive fuel and on the production of olefins and aromatics as well as oxygenated chemicals from methanol. Eventually methanol may replace ethylene as a primary chemical building block.

When writing this book Mr. Chang hoped that it would serve as a useful reference for work­ers in the field, and as a stimulant to those interested in challenging mechanistic problems. Knowledge Publications has licensed and republished this book so that through offering Hydrocarbons from Methanol to our readers it can once again fulfill its original, wonderful purpose.























































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