Using Alcohol for Fuel

Fuel From Farms: A Guide to Small-Scale Ethanol Production $24.95

An expansion in the use of Gasahol in this country over the coming years could directly reduce U.S. reliance on oil imports in the future. We have republished this outstanding book to help fill the information void that exists with regards to fermentation ethanol. Fuel from Farms tackles the subject of fermentation ethanol in a balanced and reasoned way, with an emphasis on small scale production using farm crops as the source of raw materials. It is an essential book not only for those of you in the farming community who may be considering incorporating the production of ethanol into your normal agricultural operations, but also for owners of small businesses, investors, experimenters, and entrepreneurs.  
Fuel from Farms is not just about on-farm fermentation ethanol production. It also provides an overview of some of the technical and economic factors. In addition, it includes tools such as decision and planning worksheets and a sample business plan for use in exploring whether or not ethanol production is right for you. However, the book contains plenty of important specifics about production, including information on the raw materials, system components, and operational requirements. This book will provide you with an array of facts so that you can make INFORMED judgments.






Denatured (and) Industrial Alcohol $29.95

Every Single Way of Making Alcohol on an Industrial Scale—or small scale.  516 Pages of knowledge that covers fermentation, the organisms, source material, mashes, crops to use, yield, formulas, distillation, byproducts, heat measurement, usage in engines and much more.  The book covers the usage of alcohol for cooking, heating and illumination, just to name a few.  It even has details on converting sawdust and other organic material to a form that can be digested by alcohol yeasts to make ETHYL Alcohol.  Yes!—Ethanol from sawdust, dead trees, newspaper, cellulose etc…  Making alcohol will be an important part of a hydrogen generation system that Roy McAlister and I will be detailing in a future DVD.  You will be able to make H2 from alcohol that is made to hydrogen boost turbines or methane.  With this book, we made alcohol, distilled it and burned it in 7 days!  NO, it is not illegal.  It is illegal in most places to distill alcohol for human consumption.  You do NOT drink DE-natured alcohol. If you are going to seriously distill alcohol, it is easy to get a still permit from the ATF.








COMBO: Fuel From Farms And Denatured (and) Industrial Alcohol $44.95







Energy For Rural Development $29.95

ENERGY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Renewable Resources and Alternative Technologies for Developing Countries focuses on small-scale energy technologies, not based on conventional fuels that are candidates for rural and village use in developing countries. It also examines the ways in which their candidacy may be affected by technological and economic constraints, present and future. The technologies that this book presents are capable of improving the quality of rural and village life in situations where conventional fuels and power systems have not yet penetrated or are too expensive to become a significant factor in the foreseeable future. This book will provide you with a summary of the state-of-the-art technologies frequently suggested as solutions to rural or individual family energy needs. This book is great for evaluating the potential of each energy source in each candidate situation.

PLUS – in order to get you even more information, in this book, we have included the supplement to ENERGY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Renewable Resources and Alternative Technologies for Developing Countries, which covers small, low-cost, locally-operated energy systems!






Hand Book of Home Made Power $24.95

The Famous Mother Earth News Book from the 70’s.
This book is HANDS ON. USE IT NOW. 374 jam-packed pages of do-it-at-home energy knowledge. This book is actually MUCH BIGGER and easier to read than the original paperback copy of the book. It covers wood heat and wood power, water/hydroelectric home power and RAM-pumps. The handbook also has chapters on wind power, solar energy and an extensive chapter on making and using methane. The methane chapter covers the anaerobic digestion of animal waste. We’re talking digestion and methane made in pails, drums and even a propane tank. Put animal waste and water in a propane tank, keep it warm and let it digest. In a few days you can pipe the pressurized methane directly to a Colman lantern type of lamp, a stove or as a pressure feed to a compressor for a car.







Combo Deal - Denatured or Industrial Alcohol and Handbook of Homemade Power $44.95

Industrial Alcohol $29.95 Hand Book Home Made Power $24.95 Get BOTH books for $44.95 Thatís about $22.50 each !! SAVE $14.15








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