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The best, fastest and easiest way to get a hold of us is by email. You will get a response quicker and faster than any other method.We DO NOT have a telephone for phone orders or questions. Nor do we want one. We are an Internet Based Business, NOT a telephone based business. Our prices are low and are reflected by the fact that we do not have to have a staff sitting there answering questions. Welcome to the 21st Century.When you place an order, you will get a phone number on your receipt and as it clearly says, it is for billing emergencies only. Sometimes someone clicks the ORDER button 5 million times and they get double billed or their computer crashes and there is a billing question or issue, that is what the phone number is for. The phone number goes directly to a voicemail, no human will ever answer.NO! We do NOT have a fax either. No, we do NOT take credit card orders over the phone. Our SSL Secure server is a BILLION times more secure than some phone call. Either purchase ONLINE with a credit / debit card or send in a money order, see the MAIL ORDER section. Or take your money to the bank and get a “ Gift Debit Card” You can put X amount of dollars on that and then use it online to make a purchase.

We are primarily a research facility first, and a publishing company second. What do you think the energy info we have is so good? It is because we are experts in the field. That is why we have the business model that we use. It is basically You Pay, We Ship Fast, We Guarantee the Product. If you want someone to listen to you and to nod their head and smile and to be nice, please go to Wal-Mart. ( We ARE nice… most of the time. )







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