Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel Cells For Public Utility And Industrial Power $29.95

FUEL CELLS FOR PUBLIC UTILITY AND INDUSTRIAL POWER contains a massive amount of practical, down-to-earth technical information re­lating to fuel cells for power plants. Fuel cell based power plants offer one of the most interesting possibilities for fu­ture power generation. The fuel cell is potentially more efficient than conven­tional plants and since the fuel reacts electrochemically rather than by combustion, there are far less air, thermal, and noise pollution issues. This book will inform you of the many advantages of Fuel Cells like the fact that they can be air-cooled and need not be adjacent to a body of water. It also points out important considerations for Fuel Cell public utility, such as the concept of modularity and efficiency considerations. With eight distinct sections ranging from “TYPES OF FUEL CELLS—THEIR OPERATION AND USE” and “ASSESSMENT OF FUELS FOR POWER GENERATION BY ELECTRIC UTILITY FUEL CELLS” to “FUEL CELLS FOR PUBLIC UTILITY APPLICATIONS—GENERAL” and “FUEL CELL POWER PLANT EVALUATION,” this book makes the advantages of small-scale fuel cell power units for smaller municipalities, large office complexes and shopping centers obvious.






Fuel Cells - Power for Tomorrow $24.95

Dan Halacy is one of the great men of solar energy that were true heroes to young scientists and engineers in the solar energy era from the 1950s to the 1970s.   Dan was a prolific writer and visionary.  With a gifted insight into man and technology, he knew long ago where were heading.  His book on fuel cells written in 1966 truly outclasses and undoubtedly outshines the palaver-filled trash that stands as the fuel cell books of today.  With photos, drawings, illustrations and descriptions, Dan's book provides the in-depth details of the history, theory, operation and future of fuel cells.  This book is written in simple language for all; NO PHD needed.  You CAN make a Fuel Cell BIOBATTERY from reading this book or make electricity from things as simple as water, sugar and yeast.   This is one of the few books in existence that explicitly gives you step-by-step instructions for making a fuel cell.   You will be able to make a METHANOL FUEL CELL with this book. You do NOT need expensive and sensitive proton exchange membranes to make this fuel cell.  You do not need hydrogen or oxygen; it runs on methanol and air!  







DOE Fundamentals - Fuel Cell Handbook $19.95

This Handbook provides a foundation in fuel cells for persons wanting a better understanding of the technology, its benefits and the systems issues that influence its application. Trends in technology are discussed, including next-generation concepts that promise ultra-high efficiency and low cost, while providing exceptionally clean power plant systems. Polymer electrolyte, alkaline, phosphoric acid, molten carbonate and solid oxide fuel cell technology descriptions have been updated from the previous edition. Manufacturers are focusing on reducing fuel cell life cycle costs. In this edition, over 5,000 fuel cell patent abstracts and their claims have been included. In addition, the handbook features a new fuel cell power conditioning section and overviews on the hydrogen industry and rare earth minerals market.









Combo - Fuel Cells - Power for Tomorrow and Fuel Cell Handbook $39.95

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