Homeland Security and Civil Defense

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons—Glasstone and Dolan $77.99

The classic book on the effects of Nuclear Weapons, written with extreme scientific detail, is a MUST HAVE for anyone working in Homeland Security, Emergency Services or in any other Civil Defense capacity. The Effects of Nuclear Weapons also comes with the bomb computer!! With the book and the circular bomb computer (similar to a circular slide ruler) you can KNOW the effects of a weapon at any distance, including blast speed, overpressure, prompt radiation, thermal radiation, fall out values and timeline, along with everything else. It can even tell you potential crater sizes. The reverse is true as well. If terrorists were to set off a nuke on the ground, measurement of the crater would indicate the yield of the weapon used. Glass windows broken at X miles away would also indicate the yield of the device with this book and the bomb computer. This book is especially important for information services that must be able to provide accurate information in the aftermath of a NUCLEAR ATTACK. If you want to know what a 5 Kiloton stolen Soviet suitcase nuke would do, this book will tell you without requiring that you know everything that nuclear scientists know. Knowledge Publications is PROUD and HAPPY to put this book back into print at the high quality that we demand of ourselves. We are also delighted to provide the Bomb Computer to our customers. The Bomb Computer comes in a kit form. You just have to cut it out and fold it. It’s really easy—does not take a nuclear scientist to do it :)






Nuclear War Survival Skills $21.95

Nuclear War Survival Skills is the best book for ANY disaster. This incredible book is for the protection of yourself and family using resources you already have. Radiation is as easy to avoid as a mosquito *IF* you understand it. This book educates you on radiation and shows you how to build multiple types of radiation shelters with stuff around your house and yard. Make a radiation meter from a tin can, seriously! Food, water, clothing, light, shelter, medicine—everything is covered. Click on MORE INFO for all of the details. Every American home should have this life-saving book.





Nuclear War Survival Skills 8 Video DVD Set $149.95

Over 16 Hours of Video, See Home Shelters Constructed, Civil Defense and more. Click More Info for the incredible details of this package, what was over $1000 in video on VHS is now only $149.95. A treasure trove, all of the details of the book above is shown; making in ground shelters, above ground shelters, making a soup can fall out meter, water filtration, all done by the author AND ordinary people. Step by step, explicit and simple.






Chemical Weapons - US Gov Mock Disaster / Training DVD $149.95

4 hours of never before seen video of Fire / EMS / Police / SWAT / HAZMAT and other rescue personnel responding to a mock Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) event. This is chaptered, titled, indexed and detailed. This video is for training of emergency personnel. It is the closest thing to being there. Rare INSIDE camera access made this possible. Over 4 Hours of Video, Titled, Indexed, Labeled, Incredible Training Tool.




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