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PEM FUEL CELL and ELECTROLYZER Running, then the PEM Fuel Cell being taken apart, you see it being assembled,
running, and then taken apart, in CLOSE DETAIL





Electrochemistry Fuel Cell DVDs (7 Hours) $34.95


The Energy market is HOT, everyone is looking for ways to save energy, save money, make energy and make money. This DVD gives you the basics with world class quality. The 7 Hours of class room and lab video are of 30 novice people, just like you, asking the same questions you would ask. This is not some stuffy professor in front of a black board just droning on, the instructor is teaching, talking and interacting with a very curious class that is always asking questions and for more explanation. This video shows how to:


Make Hydrogen

(aluminum and water, other metal water chemistries, electrolysis, high temp disassociation, from gasoline & other liquids, from biomass)

Capture and Store Hydrogen.

(compressed gas, hydride, cryogenic liquid, future methods and more)

Low Temperature FUEL CELL,

(proton exchange membrane [PEM]) (see photo one below being taken apart)

Medium Temperature FUEL CELL and

(molten carbine [MCFC], phosphoric acid fuel cells [PAFC])

High Temperature FUEL CELLS Work.

(solid electrolyte, metal oxide fuel cell, direct Natural Gas Fuel Cells)

How Electrolyzers Work, How to Make One.

(minimum voltage required, heat generation, efficiency, improvements)


(splits water into H2 and O2 and then re-uses it as a fuel cell)

How Aluminum FUEL CELLS Work

(Aluminum, salt water and an air membrane make electricity )

Biomass and Organic Waste to Hydrogen

Cow Manure, Landfill Waste and more....


Get a tour of a state of the art hydrogen lab and see its equipment.


This is a commercial multi-KW reversible fuel cell, the type NASA would special order many years ago
[ All photos are actually screen shots from the Video ]









Fuel Cells are NOT silent little boxes, large ones must have the waste heat removed, flow channels and heat exchange are critical and Roy explains this in detail.






How is hydrogen to be made in the future? How can we do it today? It is 100 year old chemistry and Roy shows the Sodium Hydride cycle of NaH + H20 --> NaOH + H2 and how to reclaim the caustic and recycle it to produce more NaH to react with more water to make my Hydrogen.






This class is Science. You don't have to be a chemistry student or an engineer, Roy shows you everything. Did you know that hydrogen can be made from water with aluminum. There are cars running right now on aluminum wire and water, there are advantages and disadvantages, but you'll see how aluminum wire and water make hydrogen plus much more.





7 Hours of Video on the DVD

See how to make hydrogen from aluminum and water. (Others will charge you $10.00 for plans on how to make hydrogen with aluminum foil and drain cleaner (NaOH) , buy the DVD and actually understand that you can do this metal-water chemistry with almost any metal and water. Learn how to do it better than aluminum and drain cleaner, use other metals, scrap metal & learn the hydrogen safety needed. Use this 'metal-water' chemistry to make trash bags float away into the sky, we do it for the neighborhood kids all the time and they love us.

Thomas Edison was going to send IRON plates to homes, like they delivered ICE, and the iron would be used with water to make hydrogen to power & heat a house ) Many more little known facts are in the video.




A Hydrogen BBQ


Electrochemistry Fuel Cell DVDs (7 Hours) $34.95


Electrochemistry Fuel Cell DVDs & Solar Hydrogen Civilization $59.95 (Save $9.15)

Free Hydrogen Classroom Video

In this ninety-minute demonstration video, Roy teaches YOU right from the classroom. Simply fill in your name and email below, and you will be sent a link to watch genius at work.










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